to My True Space.
This is the official True Body Project website which was created for the purpose of including everyone else in what we do.

We are artists, of sorts; we each have our own specialties. Some of us write, some draw, some dance, some sing, some paint, some perform, and most of us
do many of those things and more. Here we share our art and our messages with you, and you can share yours with us.

The True Body Project was created so that we could discover our true bodies and our true selves through our art. It is our hope that others will do the same.
This website has no affiliation with MySpace.com. This is not a place for judgments or popularity contests. We are not here to hook up or show off. This is a SAFE place to express ourselves. If we have something to say, we are going to say it. Take what knowledge you like and leave the rest.